Waist 51 (-2.5)

Chest 42 (-2)

Right Leg 28 (-1)

Left Leg 27 (-1.5)

Right Arm 14.5 (-0.5)

Left Arm 14.5 (-1)

Neck 16 (-1)

Loss of 9.5 inches


After 4 months, this is the status of the original list.  (Strokethrough are items have are totally gone)

Back pain
Knee pain
Foot pain (minimal)
Snoring (significantly reduced)
Depression (significantly reduced)
Anxiety (significantly reduced)
Stress (significantly reduced)
Asthma (minimal)
Diabetes Insipidus (will never go away….)
Hypothyroidism (will never go away..)
Irregular mentrual cycle (significantly improved)
Fatigue (significantly reduced)

Not bad for only 4 months of work.  THUMBS UP!!!!

My last weigh in was 237.5, so I have officially reached -20 lbs.   I am so happy.

Let’s tackle the next 20 together, shall we?

Waist 51 (-2.5)

Chest 43 (-1)

Right Leg 28 (-1)

Left Leg 27.5 (-1)

Right Arm 14.5 (-0.5)

Left Arm 14.5 (-1)

Neck 17 (0)

Loss of 7 inches

It’s a good day.   I weighed myself today and I am showing more progress.

243.5 = 13.5 lbs.

Yaaaa for me.

Well, I was fine on Sunday during the day, but before supper, I started to feel my throat tighten up really hbad and I knew that I was getting what Roy and Lucas had over the weekend..a really bad cold.  I woke up on Monday very ill.  Aches and pains, super sore throat, and tired tired tired.  I slept most of the day.  Felt a bit better on Monday night, but today is Tuesday and I am still under the weather.  So tired, and all symptoms are better, but it’s best that I stay home again and rest for a good productive day at work tomorrow.  I keep going to work ASAP and not rest fully after being sick which tends to lead to relapses in the near future.  This winter I will be trying something else.  Actually resting an extra day when I am not feeling better yet then go back to work refreshed and able to handle the daily stress at work without coming home in worst condition that I left in the morning.  I need to start thinking of me more.  This is what this blog is about.  Taking time for me and making me a better person physically and emotionally.

More Progress

Weight myself again today and I am down to 246.5 which means a total loss of 10.5 lbs.  I am happy. 

Think of what 10 lbs of butter looks like and that is what I lost.

Good for me.  🙂